L&L Skin - HAZUMI massage gun deep tissue muscle


L&L Skin HAZUMI is a compact version of the percussion massager, which relieves muscle tension and pain through strong tapping (percussion).

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L&L Skin HAZUMI is a compact version of a percussion massager. Percussion or impact massage is a new, very popular trend in professional massage and home massage. With its help, it is possible to relax and restore muscles, relieve back and neck pain, and eliminate muscle fatigue caused by long hours of sitting at the computer, after work or training; to give the body the necessary tone, improve the condition of the skin and increase the elasticity of the muscles.

After purchasing a percussion massage gun, you:

• You will save money because you will not have to go to the massage parlor. When buying a massage gun, you will only pay the price once, which corresponds to 2-3 visits to the massage salon, so the purchase will pay for itself very quickly.

• You will be able to do a massage on your own in any place convenient for you. The device is small, fits easily in a handbag or suitcase, and is convenient to use when traveling.

• The massager can be used to massage problem areas very quickly. The frequency and pulse of the shock softens and relaxes the tight muscle. You will feel the effect immediately, just like after a quality manual massage.

• Try different types of massage. The set includes 4 types of nozzles for massaging different areas of the body.

• Improve skin condition. Impact massager is an ideal choice for fighting cellulite and overweight. Regular massage will improve blood circulation, speed up metabolism, remove fat deposits, and tighten the skin.


7mm vibration amplitude

High Torque Brushless Motor

Powerful lithium battery that maintains a charge for up to 7 hours

4 Massage Heads

< 45 dB

5 intensity levels