Balmain curling tongs, 25mm

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The ceramic heating tube protects the hair from damage. Professional ceramic tongs emit negative ions, which seal the surface of the hair, protect against dehydration, help restore moisture levels, hair does not wear, and remains silk softness. Diameter 25 mm, length 14 cm. Unique technology gives curls more liveliness and gloss. Ceramic technology eliminates the uneven distribution of heat, which is often found in curling tongs of other manufacturers. Curling tongs come with negative ions that prevent the hair from drying out and dry, and the hair preserves moisture. The kit consists of: a tray, a heat -resistant mat and glove, and hairpins. Features: - diameter 25 mm, length 14 cm - 360 ° swivel cords (3.6 m) - Adjustable temperature from 160 ° C to 220 ° C - ergonomic and comfortable to hold -Universal voltage (220-240 V • 50/60 Hz) - turns off automatically after 60 minutes - Negative ions technology